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“I really feel the need to create an alternate world, a vision of what might be magical and beautiful and fantastic about being human.” 

   –   Shary Boyle

The middle is a strange place.

The part between the before and the next.

Wouldn’t it be great to live in

and explore a world

where falling down a rabbit hole

leads to wonder,

or a single step

into lands unknown,

able to teleport you

to a universe of whimsy?

A universe of dreams,

where children play,

and the dark shadows of tall trees

are nothing more than hidden delights.

If it takes a single step,

then why not run,

and jump and twist and turn

as you seek that whimsy and wonder?

If that’s too much

then perhaps take a single step,

and then another,

and cross that fence and discover.

A child takes that single step,

his dwellings in a new world,

or at least a world that is new to him.

A place made from dreams and memories.

A place where it is okay

for nothing to make sense.

A place where freedom is infinite.

A dream or the existence of another realm may or may not be a reality, but who is to say which is which?

Untitled works from Dreamland, 2021.

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